Punching Up Productions



Upcoming projects


We're constantly at work behind the scenes on a variety of projects. But these are the ones with our name on them. Check them out!


We're partnering with Orphan Productions to produce season 4 of their webseries Adultish. We're thrilled to join those nerds in continuing the story of those lost 90s kids trying to get their lives together without being too serious about it. For more from past seasons visit http://www.adultish.tv/


Fink and Puzzy was an official selection at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal July 28th. It also screened in the London Independent Film Awards on July 29th, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize for Best of Web.  We're going to Vermont on October 11th for the Independent Television Festival. If you're in New England come check us out in-between your leaf peeping and antiquing. 


"Ratso" is a puppet-filled spec pilot in which an ambitious, but uneducated, young rat struggles to make something of himself in this crazy, work-a-day dump of a world.