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Once you film an idea, it’s frozen in time forever.

We believe in making the best version of a project. Working in production, particularly on independent productions we see project after project become filmed when it is still half-baked. Maybe the script needs another draft, or the location isn’t right or the resources aren’t in place to make it look as good as it deserves.

Our team includes writers, dramaturgs, line producers, and UPMs with years of experience who are here to take care of your project from its inception to screening.

We will not film a project that is not ready.

Bring us a script and our team will work with your writers to ensure that their vision is as perfectly expressed as it can be, whether that is story supervising, joke punch-ups, table reads or other acts of dramaturgy. We don’t write it for you (unless you want us to), but we help the writers you have take your script to its best draft.

Once your script is ready we will connect you with our team of DPs, sound guys, gaffers, and negotiate to get you the best rates for the best results. If you already have a team, Punching Up can supplement the crew you have with whatever you need: Costumers, special effects make-up, jugglers, locations, whatever you need, we’ll find.  Our rates vary to match your needs and budget.

We’re here to make your project better.

Get your project up off the ground. Contact us at punchingupproductions@gmail.com