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Are you a Director/AD/PA/GAFFER/GRIP/DP/AC/Sound Guy looking for work? We're constantly staffing projects and are always looking to expand our rolodex of capable, smart and friendly crew members. If you're interested in working on the occasional project with us please use the contact form below. In the message please include a link to your IMDB page, resume and/or reel (if applicable). Also include the range of rates you will typically work for. Be honest, we may be staffing you on other people's projects and we need to know when it's worth reaching out to you. If you need experience more than money let us know that as well. 

This is a non-binding offer, you can still freelance or work as you please, it's just an opportunity to get some extra work from time to time. 

We may call you in for an interview before staffing you on projects to make sure you're easy to work with. 


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